The Developer Blog Banter is a regular article where passionate developers in the community blog on a common topic. The purpose of the DBB is to get more conversation happening in the developer community.

A topic will be announced that anybody is able to participate in. Each respondent just needs to link to the blog post announcing the topic, and wordpress/blogger track backs should automatically add a comment to the post allowing me to collate the responses. If a trackback is not created, you can just leave a comment on the topic and I will add it into the responses.

The questions will be around exposing your coding practices and sharing your experiences. I think it would be very eye opening to see different people’s responses to some of these topics. I encourage everyone to participate, the wider range of responses we get, the more interesting it is for everyone to read the responses.

I'm always open to suggestions for topics, so please tweet me your ideas @DavidBurela, or leave a comment.

Also I borrowed the blog banter idea from one of my favourite EVE Online game blogs, so I must thank Crazy Kinux for the inspiration

Topic list

  1. July 2010: What is your current default technology stack for new projects
  2. October 2010: How do you test your applications
  3. April 2012: Show & Tell - Share something cool you've worked with recently