Recently i delivered some training and had it recorded on one of those new cam corders that record straight to DVD. I wanted to reencode my DVD into silverlight media using Expression Blend and then upload it to however I had some issues so I’ll explain how I got around them.
There are a few issues that need to be addressed

  1. You need a valid MPEG-2 codec installed on your PC so that Expression Blend can read the DVD video
  2. Due to some issues with Expression Blend, you will need to extract the file from the DVD to your computer before trying to import into Expression Blend (otherwise it may mistakenly say that the video is only 40seconds)

So first install a codec pack onto your PC. I recommend or

Right now you may just be able to import your DVD into Expression Blend. But if you are getting the incorrect timing issues, then try extracting the DVD to your hard drive first using

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By David Burela