I came across an article Adobe cooperates with Apple on Flash for iPhone , which suggests that Apple is now working with Adobe to provide flash on the iPhone. Now previously i’d heard that this wasn’t going to happen because the apple SDK doesn’t allow the creation of other “platforms” for the iPhone. But with flash now being ported to it this now opens up the question “Could silverlight be seen on the iPhone in the future?”

Now there are 2 key differences between Flash & Silverlight

  1. Apple got into trouble because “Apple recently got into some hot water with the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority because of the iPhone’s inability to support the nearly ubiquitous Web technology. The company had been running advertisements that claimed the handset can access “all parts of the Internet,” but the agency said the ads were “misleading” because of the lack of Flash and Java support.
    As much as Microsoft tries to tell us that it is on 25% of computers, i don’t think that it could be seen as a critical thing needed to experience the web
  2. Apple & Microsoft cooperating… seriously

I’d love to see silverlight on the iPhone and who knows, with silverlight for mobiles being released for Nokias & windows smart phones in the near future, it may just put enough pressure on Apple to collaborate with Microsoft to get Silverlight ported to the iPhone

Update: There is an article here with more information, although the title of it is misleading since the content contradicts its own title.

By David Burela