Cihan Biyikoglu of the SQL Azure team has released new information on sizing and pricing of SQL Azure that will be available after June 28th

To sum up, there will now be 2 choices for database sizing

  • Web edition: up to 5GB in size. You get charged based on if the current size is below or above 1Gb (800MB usage = 1GB charge. 2,200MB usage = 5GB charge)
  • Business edition: up to 50GB in size. you get charged based on current size in 10GB increments (i.e. 10GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 50GB

You get charged daily based on the peak size of the database for that day. As an example if you are using a web edition database, on day 1 you are using 800MB and so are charged for 1GB of usage that day. On day 2 the database increases to 1,350MB and so you are charged a daily rate of 5GB for that day. On day 3 you bring the size back down to 950MB and are charged the daily rate for a 1GB database. The same logic holds true with the business edition, just with different increments.

For both database editions Microsoft is charging $10/GB/Month.

Monthly cost
Web Edition
up to 1GB $9.99
up to 5GB $49.99
Business edition
up to 10GB $99.99
up to 20GB $199.98
up to 30GB $299.97
up to 40GB $399.96
up to 50GB $499.95

By David Burela