With cloud computing, sometimes the biggest hurdle is in trying to get all of your data up into the cloud for the initial upload (or subsequent syncs), or trying to download it all at a later date. If you are talking about multiple Terabytes then it could take a few days to transfer, and if you are paying for bandwidth like you are in Australia then it could become very expensive in data transfer fees. Since last year Amazon have been trialling a new “Import/Export” service where you can send a hard drive in with your data, and Amazon will upload the data directly into their data centre. As reported by Network World, this services is now generally available and has been used by at least 3 high profile companies http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/061010-amazon-cloud-fedex.html

There are currently 4 data centres you can send your drives to for the Import/Export: Seattle, Virginia, Dublin and Ireland.

This is good, because as Ted Steven reminds us, “The internet isn’t like a truck. It is a series of tubes, and those tubes can be blocked”.