This month at the Melbourne Alt.Net usergroup, Simon Cuce did a talk on DSLs and how they are useful for the average developer. He then went on to show MGrammer from Microsoft which is a tool used to create DSLs.

It was an interesting talk, I never saw the value in creating a whole new language just for yourself. But how Simon explained it finally made me realise how they could be useful.

The entire talk was 2 hours, I was only able to record the first 1 hour & 20 minutes of it. I missed out the final section where he shows the DSL he created in a browser, but the first part of it is good to see why DSLs are useful and the first steps and questions you should take when creating a DSL for yourself.

A list of additional resources from the talk are available on the Melbourne Alt.Net site


Part 1 of 2

[Vimeo 12889947]
Melbourne June 2010 - DSLs and MGrammer 1of2 from David Burela on Vimeo.

Part 2 of 2

[Vimeo 12895315]
Melbourne June 2010 - DSLs and MGrammer 2of2 from David Burela on Vimeo.

By David Burela