I’ve done a few presentations on Windows Phone 7 now. I still haven’t processed and uploaded my talk on Metro UI concepts, but I’ll get it up next month.

I am doing another presentation next week in Melbourne, this time I convinced Jarred Sargent to join me as a co-presenter.


Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place
Melbourne, Victoria 3006

5:30pm onwards


Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft's latest approach at the mobile phone market. It is a drastic shift away from their previous attempts at trying to bring Windows XP feel into the palm of your hand. The entire WP7 experience has been standardised to follow the "Metro" theme which embraces concepts such as discoverability, content over chrome, and touch as the primary input (without the fiddly stylus). Microsoft do not actually create these phones themselves, they create the software and hardware manufacturers produce the phones. Similar to how Google does it with Android.

Join David Burela & Jarred Sargent as they give an overview of what the Windows Phone 7 platform is and how to get started with it.

David will take us through a demonstration of the phone platform and how it differs from previous Windows Mobile phones. He will also talk about the UI design considerations of the "Metro" theme that permeates through the entire phone.

Jarred Sargent will give an overview of what it takes to easily build applications for the phone and will demonstrate some easy hello world applications and his experiences as a developer.


David Burela is a Senior Consultant at Hazaa who has a big interest in enabling cloud computing with mobile applications.

Jarred Sargent is a Senior Developer at Readify who has been building Windows Phone 7 concept applications for a number of clients.

By David Burela