Here is the third lightning talk at the August Melbourne Alt.Net lightning talk night.

Here are links to the 4 lightning talks at the August 2010 meeting

  1. Monotouch - Mark Trinder
  2. CouchDB - Andrew Browne
  3. My experience as an agent of change - Jimmy P
  4. Reactive Javascript - Tarn Barford

In this talk Jimmy P. (@pjimmy) gives a very frank and open retrospective of his experiences acting as an “agent of change”. It was good to hear him being so honest about how they started the project with great goals, “this time we will do things RIGHT”, “we will do everything Agile this time, we can’t fail”, but even with the best intentions things still went wrong.

Thanks a lot for this talk Jimmy.

[vimeo 16585170]

By David Burela