Last night Ayende (Twitter:@Ayende  Website: presented at the Victoria.Net usergroup. He discussed, a NoSQL document database geared towards .Net developers.

Personally I’d seen a few NoSql talks before; MongoDB and CouchDB. But both times the API seemed too difficult (javascript query engines?). Ayende discussed how he HATES friction and tried to make RavenDB as simple as possible for .Net developers to just pick up and use.

I was really impressed with how easy it was to get up and running with RavenDB, and the query language was Linq directly. Even some of the other features he mentioned were great. Such as the automatic index creation based on your queries, meaning that your database speeds up over time instead of slowing down. The way Raven handles indexing is also interesting, instead of slowing down writes by updating all indexes on write, Raven updates the indexes asynchronously with Lucene!

All in all a great talk that I recommend watching.

[vimeo 17352893]

By David Burela