This month I did a presentation at the Melbourne DevEvening group. I gave a talk on new ways that developers can run and manage their new software projects. There have been new methods made available to developers in the way that they can manage their source code and 3rd party assemblies. I wanted to show how all of these could be used in an end to end scenario.

I video recorded my session, but unfortunately forgot to turn the microphone on. So here is a quick summary.


Demonstrated what DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) is and how it differs to ‘traditional’ source control systems like TFS.
How you can use it on small personal projects that need to be source controlled, and ways to sync your source code to the cloud.

I then showed how you can use a new feature inside Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (NuGet) to easily add 3rd party assemblies to your project.
And then demonstrated how to combine the ease of adding 3rd party assemblies into an ASP.Net MVC3 application, how to make the website fully unit testable and create mocks of your data repositories.
Resharper was used throughout the entire demo to show how it can help enforce naming conventions, simplify file creation, extracting interface files, running unit test.


DVCS (tutorial on using Mercurial)

NuGet (package management for adding 3rd party assemblies)

By David Burela