*UPDATE* The video of my presentation is now online /2011/06/02/video-of-my-ddd-melbourne-talk-new-development-workflow/

http://dddmelbourne.com (Developer Developer Developer)is one of the larger non-Microsoft .Net conferences in Melbourne. I am happy to announce that I have been accepted as a speaker there for the May 28 conference.

My talk will be on “New development workflows”

In the last few years there have been a number of new technologies released, which when used together can greatly simplify a developer's life. For this session, I explore what kind of workflow we could create for the modern .Net developer. The session will show an end to end example of creating a new project: Modern ways of using source control, managing assemblies, testing, pushing to the cloud, etc.

The session will be structured like this:

  • What is Mercurial, what are DVCS (Distributed Version Control System)
  • How to add 3rd party assemblies into a project seamlessly with Microsoft NuGet
  • Unit test the project by using Ninject & nSubstitute (installed via NuGet)
  • Push all the source code to the cloud, meaning your source code is safe (Bitbucket.org)
  • Have all of this automatically built and deployed to the cloud for us (AppHarbor.com)

David Burela works as a Senior .Net consultant at http://Hazaa.com.au and has a strong focus on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure. He is a active member in the developer community and frequent speaker at events. He is currently writing a book on 'Enterprise integration of Silverlight 4 and Azure'

Register for the conference now before all the tickets are sold out. The full day event is only $25! http://dddmelbourne2.eventbrite.com/

By David Burela