I am very happy to announce that I have accepted a role at Infragistics as the Regional Technical Evangelist for the APAC region. I accepted the role last month, but I have just been way too busy to write a dedicated blog post about it.

I am currently in the USA visiting their offices in New Jersey. Their offices are amazing, and I hadn’t realised just how many hundreds of people Infragistics had working for them until I visited their office. I have had an amazing time here in the USA, absorbing the wide breadth of products that they have. I am getting very excited to get back to Australia and start sharing all this knowledge.

To give a brief overview, we have wide range of .Net solutions (WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, ASP.Net, etc.) as well as some jaw dropping jQuery controls (that work well with ASP.Net MVC). We also just released the first beta of our native iOS controls! There is so much going on. http://www.infragistics.com/

I’ve been attending TechEd in Orlando, Florida. Doing demos at our booth all week.

I am also a technical resource available for anyone that is curious to know more about Infragistics products in Australia. Send me an email at “dburela (@) Infragistics.com” and I’ll be happy to spend some time with you.

Below I have attached some photos of the Infragistics office.


By David Burela