channel-9-logoThe video of my TechEd session has been online for a while. However before blogging about it, I thought I would take a unique approach to sharing the code samples.

My session introduced the DataBinding and DataTemplating features of Windows 8, and then progresses into how you can create native cross platform applications.

Rather than just zip the final source code up and provide it “as is”, I instead replicated the steps I took in the video and used Git to take snapshots throughout the development. I tagged each check-in with the timestamp of the video that the source code corresponds to. Which means you can follow along on your own, and if you miss something, you can just view that specific check-in to see what changed.

To view the list of timestamped check-ins, you can go to the list of commits

Later in the session I talked about using Caliburn.Micro. However I had to use a special fork to get it working with Windows RT. Here is the blog post with more details about the fork
and the link to the fork itself

By David Burela
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