List of other day's reports:


I'm currently attending Ethereum DEVCON2

A little preday round up. Lots of people started connecting and meeting and random places around Shanghai. A LOT of it was coordinated via the WeChat groups mentioned here

Unfortunately both WeChat groups are now at capactity, so you'll need to get someone at Devcon to scan the QR code on your phone to add you as a friend, and then invite you to the group.

There was the main fork which met up at Hyatt and moved upstairs to the Hyatt's Vue bar. The drinks were a little pricey at standard "bar prices", but it had an outdoors jacuzzi on the rooftop! 20160918_191922.jpgThere were about 18 people

Then there was the Devcon classic fork, being run by the "French connection" which met up at the at a restautant in another part of Shanghai. They ended up getting very food at a stick restautant

The main purpose of preday was just everyone catching up, meeting new people. I knew no one coming into this, and met a bunch of new people. It is going to be a great conference

BONUS: Stealth photo of Vitalik rocking a cat bag 20160918_164058.jpg