PDC 2010 has come and gone. I thought it would be interesting to see what I have done in the last 2 years since PDC 2008. Looking back at my presentations and blog posts, I feel quite proud with the amount of involvement I've had with the community. Seeing everything laid out like that makes me realise just how much I enjoy participating in helping to share knowledge with the developer community.

There is so much that I've just forgotten about and left off the list, it is impossible to keep track of everything. You can look forward to lots more involvement in the next 2 years!

I've also got a running list of usergroup presentations I've done on my About page


  • Did my first Azure usergroup presentation within 3 weeks of Azure being announced at PDC
  • Presented at Remix 2009 on Azure
  • Started the Australian Azure mailing list
  • Started an Azure community support site AzureQuestions.com (which has now been decommissioned)
  • Flew around Australia and attended 4 out of 6 Australian Cloudcamps. It was “unconferences” style with breakout discussions where I would answer all Azure related questions
  • Recorded all cloudcamp lighning talks and uploaded them, in an effort to increase cloud knowledge in the community (16 so far with more to come)
  • Trying to involve the .Net community at large with more cross posting (via the Developer Blog banter)
  • Trying to involve the community more with “Community reports” of things happening such as presentations, lightning talks or interviews with people / companies
  • Recorded community group presentations and uploaded them to help increase the visibility of local speakers and improve the visibility of local user groups
  • I still have 15 videos of sessions to process and upload
  • Got 2 new presenters to start their Melbourne presentation debuts
  • Presented at Codecamp 2009 on Azure & artificial life in the cloud

Cloud related activities (presentations & blog posts)

Other community involvement

By David Burela